Course Starting Mid JULY 2020

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The Real Benefits

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  • Be comfortable with who you are & welcome the desired changes to GROW.
  • You are no more a slave to your MIND or RANDOMNESS.
  • Be with a STABLE & HAPPY state of MIND.
  • No more Struggle to find an opportunity to GROW because you will be able to create them.
  • Operating out of SELF-LOVE which means no baggage of negative emotions.
  • Be sure of your actions and the results you seek.
  • You become the Primary & Strong source of your GROWTH & SUCCESS.
  • Achieve a Sense of satisfaction to be WHO YOU ARE.
  • Become a compassionate giver.
  • You will be ready to say “YES” to the situations in life and thus create ACCEPTANCE.
  • You will now know what kind of SELF-TALK or motivation works for your GROWTH.
  • A Step up to your HAPPINESS Levels the source of which is nothing but YOU.



Discover & understand the 'Real YOU'


'A limitless YOU!'

Build & Nurture BLISSFUL 'Relationships'

Understand & eliminate the sense of EMPTINESS

Realize the True Power of Choice & Use it Every Second

Learn to create deep acceptance based on Clarity

Reprogram your mind to Eliminate Limitations of your PAST!

Discover the Purpose to lead MEANINGFUL Life

Understand & apply SELF - LOVE & Be in Total Acceptance with Self!

Learn to make Aware Choices & Decisions

Master your Emotions to

 Master your thoughts!

Understand the cycle of Negative Emotions and their affects.. & Take Charge!

Learn to Identify Limitations & Remove it from Your LIfe!

Get Superior Clarity on Habits, Conditioning and Patterns... Be In Charge!

Understand ways of dealing with challenges

Fill Your Life with Abundance of PEACE & JOY.

Unfold the path to infinite GROWTH & SUCCESS

Strengthen the Relationship with the SELF.

Be Stress Free and Learn to Eliminate Anxiety & Worry!

Learn to be in the Highest Emotions to be Your Highest Self .. Perpetually!

Discover Your Passion Purpose and Strengths

Course Starting Mid JULY 2020 - Dates for Individual places will be decided mutually! 

Just '4' Weeks to Awaken the Aware Being IN YOU!

  • Four 1-1 Sessions
  • One Session Every Sunday
  • 2 - 2.5 hours each Session

Super Convenient - You can Learn from home or any place with a stable Internet connection and privacy for you.. made possible through a Live Interactive Secure Video Interaction!


IF YES... Find Real Solutions and Rise Higher with



  • Are You Struggling to be HAPPY over extended periods of time.  
  • Do you feel confused to make critical choices, leading to delayed or missed Opportunity?
  • Is your MIND in a continuous Loop of negative thoughts?  
  • Are You facing challenges with your past and are finding it difficult to let go of it?  
  • Do you want to feel HAPPY & PEACEFUL within and be free from Negativity?  
  • If you are struggling with limiting Habits, Patterns & Conditioning 
  • If emotions seem to influence your Intelligence.  
  • If you are having trouble in accepting the reality and are in a perceived comfort zone. 
  • If you experience anxiety, stress or Insomnia.  
  • If you want to eliminate FEAR of failure and Rejection in your life.  
  • If you are determined to find abundance and Meaningfulness in your Life.  
  • If you have any challenges in the areas of SELF- LOVE or ESTEEM or BELIEF.
  • If you want to be an AWARE BEING.  

Course Starting MID JULY 2020

Testimonials | IAM


I did the brilliant I-Am Infinite course with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity. It was over 4 weeks once every Sunday for 2.5 hours sometimes 3 hours. I have to admit this is probably one of the best courses I have ever enrolled in. It was something so different and I have gained more than I could ever felt I could. Each Sunday I never knew what was going to be delivered but it was fab. I have completely come away from this not only knowing my true self and loving all that I am now but I found out so much about how my mind truly works and how powerful it is. I learned so much about emotions which was a huge benefit. I was never a confident person in fact I was super paranoid, a stress head and worrier. I was always thinking the worse of myself and what way people seen me. I have gained the most powerful knowledge and leverage and deepest understanding of all my life. I am now able to take all these teachings and learning’s and carry them forward in my life. Deborah you are great and so much knowledge excellent course. Extremely happy I did I-AM Infinite. One of the many things I have learned from this beautiful person and her teachings is that what she gave out so much and all the learning of myself I feel so empowered to lead my life now. Thank you Deborah so much. Lots of love



Two months ago I was referred to Deborah for 1-1 session regarding my grief. Deborah in one session literally cleared my sadness around the death of my mum wow and after 12 years just like that I am feeling peace. Deborah had suggested the I-Am Infinite course and I just had to look into this. I felt that whilst I am at peace with my loss I am not sitting well with the way my mind and thoughts are going and this just felt right. Yes Deborah you delivered again and yes I am again overwhelmed at how you support even with such a powerful and fun teachings and learning’s on myself and everything we humans endure it just works. It was a fantastic 4 weeks and I for one can never go back to my old way of thinking how can I with all that I know now. It just makes perfect sense. Deborah thank you and I can’t wait for whatever else you have up your sleeve. Count me in.


K Morgan 

Michelle Cur

I attended the I-Am Infinite with Debs online. Best online course it definitely has made me think about so much and I can now take charge of so many things in my life I never felt I could. Debs is a wonderful teacher and mentor in supporting you with so many things with the mind. I started this course on a Sunday as it was every Sunday for four weeks. It was great so much to learn and so much to take away from this. I have found that since doing the course even after the first Sunday I felt lighter, more confident and felt like I could handle anything. I was very much over the top with my mind and constantly judging myself and never knowing what to do with situations that I felt was getting out of hand. Now that has complexly changed. Debs is a master of the mind but she is so normal with it and extremely humorous. I loved, loved, loved this and really very grateful to these teachings and learning’s…what else would you be doing on a Sunday. I have already enrolled my daughter in the next I-AM Infinite because I know how much this course will support her to living her best life. Thanks Debs it was amazing.


I was taking sessions with the amazing Debs not so long ago. Debs had spoken to me about the I-AM Infinite course she does on 1-1 level and I was intrigued. I had to remind myself that this lady has literally supported me through one of my biggest challenges in life and I want to know more about me. So I sat down with my partner and said I think I may do this I-AM Infinite course with Debs because she just changed my whole mindset of what was dragging me down for years. Anyways I did and yes she did of course bring it to the table. If you really want to get right into yourself and know how you really work and learn all that you have never imagined you could about yourself then you must do this. Powerful is an understatement. Debs you Rock literally on the rock. Thank you for these amazing teachings and experience my partner also thank you because he sees massive changes in me. PS. I got the Job well you know this already but have to say it again.

Carol M


If you ever want to take time out of your Sunday and invest in yourself then this I-AM Infinite online face to face course is just exceptional. Thanks to Deborah Macken at Ask Life Clarity. She has not only connected with me on a very beautiful level of compassion but she just gets you. The way this online course is taught you just want more. I guess I am a sucker for learning and studying for many years but one thing I didn’t learn is about myself. Deborah excellent course I feel just brilliant the awareness and clarity and understanding each week is just priceless. So extremely happy I got this chance. I am truly grateful. Love Susan



I attended the online course I-AM Infinite with Deborah. It was super cool and I wasn’t expecting half the things that I got from this amazing course. I feel really liberated and really happy in myself and in my mind. I would go as far to say that I feel like new women in every area of my life. Deborah at Ask is just incredible at how she delivers and never gives up on you even if you don’t understand something. She will stick with you until you do. She has great presence and powerful ways to teach and shows you the absolute right way to have the best from life and how you think. Thank you thank you and thank you again Deborah. I will definitely be telling others about this because what I have got from this is pretty much awesome.





I found Asklifeclarity through a friend of mine who knew I was suffering so badly with Grief. My friend 

told me that maybe speak with these people and see what comes of it, don’t rule it out as you have tried

so many things to try help with your grief. I am a mother of 2 and lost my husband one year ago very

tragically nobody was expecting to hear the phone ring and get such awful news, this was the worse day

of my life. So I registered with Asklifeclarity to see if they could help me in some way or even just

someone to talk to. Well all I can say is that I cannot recommend the Asklifclarity people enough. After

receiving a call from the team already I felt relieved… I actually couldn’t believe the difference in myself.

I had two sessions with the amazing Krishiv AnantaGuru and wow what an amazing person he is I feel so

so happy that I took this step to contact Asklifeclarity because now even after two powerful and

uplifting sessions I am already taking massive steps forward. I really am so grateful. Thank you so much

Asklifeclarity Team and Krishiv you have changed my life for the better including the acceptance of my


Katrina Livingston


I first became aware of Ask Life Clarity and Debs when I met a friend for a coffee who had taken 1-1 sessions with Debs and I could see such positive changes in her. It never entered my head about speaking to anyone regarding my fears, worries and anxieties from the past, present and future however, I plucked up the courage and got in touch with Debs. I wasn't sure what to expect from my 1-1 sessions and was so nervous. There was no need to be, Debs made me feel completely at ease immediately and chatting to her was so easy about anything that was on my mind. I had two 1-1 sessions and I can honestly say that I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after sessions 1. Her approach is so logical and simple. She helped me understand my own emotions so quickly, I couldn’t believe I had carried all those worries, fear and negative thoughts with me for years! I can’t recommend Debs enough. She gets to the root of the problem very quickly and she genuinely wants to get you to the best possible place so that you can don’t waste another second suffering in life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with this wonderful woman who is beautiful inside and out. I can guarantee you will wish you met Debs years ago just like I did. Thank you Debs xx


Chrissy Thebault

Thank you so much to this amazing team of life coaches Asklifeclarity you have no idea what you guys 

have done for me, thank you is just not enough. I lost my daughter in car accident 4.5 years ago and

that was the end of me. Both myself and my wife just could not cope and all the problems that came

with the loss after that. Our baby girl was taken only minutes from our house and we could not have

saved her. I found Asklifeclarity through a youtube video and wasn’t sure who or what they were so I

looked into this. I seen what they do and of course I will do and go anywhere for help to try and ease

this pain I feel inside. I registered with Asklifeclarity and wow what an amazing turnaround. I feel so so

happy and complete gratitude. Deborah at Asklifeclarity thank you from the bottom of my heart for

putting what was a very dark time in my life into a brighter future. Myself and my wife are no longer together but things are now changing in a more positive way. I feel anything is possible now. Thank you Asklifeclarity.

Declan Kenny Stanford


I was extremely lucky & got to spend 40 days in this beautiful space. From the minute I arrived Deborah and her Team at Ask Life Clarity welcomed me with open arms, very beautiful giving souls. Deborah her loving energy is infectious. Waking up to a view that is out of this world every morning, feeling like I was dreaming. I participated in 2 retreats & they have transformed my life. I was feeling lost before, but I left the retreat feeling so full of life a clear mind & excited about my bright future. What a magical space this is & if you are in need of some a reminder of what it is to live life fully this is the place to go. The feeling cannot be put into words, you have to feel the magic of this amazing space for yourself.

Aislinn Laura 


I was with Deborah & her team in May for one week at her retreat in the Himalayas. What an experience !

Even before arriving Deborah kept in contact to make sure everything would go smoothly for my travel to India. The retreat place is amazing surrounded by hundreds of amazing trees that were all blooming at the time and thousands of butterflies. Simply magical!

Deborah’s healing was fantastic & a new experience to me. So many things we did and after one week you are feeling so relaxed, recharged & free from a lot of “stuff” especially clearing the mind. I could write so much more but you should go and discover it yourself ! The personal care you receive is impressive and you are in the hands of professional Teachers & healers! Thank you Deborah I will definitely come again. Love you!



It was a mystical, wonderful journey, filled with unforgettable emotions and incredible discoveries. It wasn't easy, but a real breakthrough, transformation, and overcoming. They transformed our emotions and feelings. We got everything we needed for further practice at home and our teachers still stay in touch with us and almost daily consult us if we have any questions or difficulties. And now, after a month of self-study, I can say quite definitely that transformation has been completed.

Energy has come, now we are restless, emotional background remains at a good level. There aren't any annoying changes of mood, which we had previously after all other practices and trainings. It is a miracle! I feel my body, the ground, legs and back in a different way. We again want to come back there to dive deeper.



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Transform Your Life and Be Your Highest Self! You are Infinite.. Learn to Unlock it!

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TRANSFORMING Your Mind | Your Emotions | How You Think ... to Enable YOU to be Your Highest SELF!

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